The Truth About Abs – I Hate This BS!

“Are you Finally Sick and Tired of all Those Truth About Abs Scam Reviews?”

truth about abs scam editorReviewed by Disworks editor: Thomas Greene

Are you tired of taking fat burning pills? Do you dread doing abdominal crunches, or exercise?

The Truth About Abs provides you with the facts in how to lose body fat and get your six-pack abs. This program is rated number one on the internet for effective results.

What the Truth About Abs is NOT about:

  • Endless days of body crunches
  • Long cardio workouts that are boring
  • Taking fat burning pills
  • Using abdominal gadgets and apparatuses
  • A scamming program

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What DOES the program have to offer you?

truth about abs

The program offers information in how to truly be able to slim down appropriately and have great abs. Diet myths are expelled and information given that will mean effective results. Here are some of the highlights given in the program:

  • Effective tips for high burn workouts
  • How to eat healthier foods
  • The true number of calories needed each day to lose weight and feel great
  • Facts about meal replacements and protein powders
  • Tips for eating that will encourage healthy rates of fat loss
  • Fitness tips that will put you on the road to success

What are actual users saying about Truth About Abs?

Users are saying that they love the program and have seen excellent results.

One gentleman received the program as a gift and has lost 30% of his body fat in 6 months and says the program is “FREAKIN BRILLANT.”

Women have been able to drop 9 dress sizes by following the program and have great looking bodies. People who have used the program are feeling better, have been able to stick the program with ease, and have been seeing amazing results.

Several users have basically followed the diet plan with very little time to exercise. They have also seen benefits in their personal lives. Individuals who faced boring routines have loved starting the Truth About Abs and have a different view on life now. One this is certain this program is certainly not boring!

What do you get with the Truth About Abs Program?

The program includes an informative e-book which can be downloaded and read at your convenience. It offers solid information about foods that will help to burn fat from the body, unique workouts that will speed the process, and development of the right mindset to continue losing weight. Users will also learn which foods to stay away from. Info is also included on how to deter junk food cravings.

Several bonus products are available which add value to your decision to use Truth About Abs. Currently, here is a list of the bonus items:

  1. 5 Foods that Kill Stomach Fat and 2 Foods to Stop Eating (report)
  2. Training and Nutrition Insider Secrets for a Lean Body (report)
  3. Metabolic Rate Calculator
  4. Hard Body Workout Routines
  5. Free e-zine membership to Lean Body Fitness Secrets

For those interested in more information, viewers can access Lean-Body Fitness Secrets E-zine Articles and the six-pack blog on the product site.

What are the benefits of using the Truth About Abs?

  • Take confusion out of the eating process
  • Gain access to nutritionally sound information
  • Use unconventional workout ideas
  • Learn to build muscle
  • Learn to lose body fat
  • Receive fitness motivation
  • Have a successful mindset
  • Healthy meal and recipe ideas
  • Weekly fitness e-zine

Trial Offer

whey protein isolateThis is a 21 day Trial. After paying the full amount after 21 days, you will be covered by the 60-day money back guarantee as well, this gives you enough time to make the Truth About Abs work for you!

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How many people are using this product?

Currently, there are over 276,000 known users of this product in over 160 countries. Mike Geary has brought change to a large number of people in how they handle weight loss and fitness. He is also the owner of Busy Man Fitness and a Platinum Fitness Author.

He has recently authored the Fat Burning Kitchen and is selected for contributing author to Muscle and Fitness magazine. With so many people desiring to use the Truth About Abs program, his following just keeps growing.

More Information about Truth About Abs

In providing a fitness package to many users, Mike has created a product that can be used for fat loss as well as muscle building. The exercises contained within the program are described as well as shown in photos to have a clear picture of understanding.

Men and women alike can enjoy the benefits of this program. Everyone can use the program since it is built on progressions (beginner, intermediate, and advanced). Workouts are provided, but the most important part of the program is the dietary guidelines. The program is research-based and provides honest and healthy solutions to fitness.

Product Review Results

The program is a great product at a very affordable price. For those who are leery of trying another fitness product, Mike is offering a 21 day try it before you buy it period. The only up-front cost is the processing fee which is less than $5. In addition to this offer, there is a 60 day money back guarantee.

Our rating for this product is 9.5 points out of 10. Our own research was conducted to try and find negative comments regarding this product. There is a huge following for Truth About Abs.

The only negatives about the product found include: the desire to see the videos in DVD form and the demand for Mike to create a forum that users can discuss his products.

“It looks like this is another great product that is well worth the investment.”

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